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Human bone  Apagraft

New Generation of Synthesized Bone Substitutes


APAGRAFT is the best alternative to auto, allo and xeno bone substitutes

APAGRAFT has a structure close to the natural bone structure

APAGRAFT ensures ultimate biological safety and high speed of new bone formation

Use of 100% chemically pure non-organic materials prevents any risk of infection.

APAGRAFT has a high speed of resorption and high speed of bone regeneration due to unique features of the material.

  • High specific surface area 8,0 m²/g , exceeding manifold the specificsurface area of all known synthesized materials;
  • 100% interconnected open porosity with pore radius within 5-10 and 50-150 nanometers, 1-20 and 100-200 microns;
  • Nano- and micro-porosity determines high hydrophilic properties of the material (full saturation with blood and biological liquids occurs nearly instantly);
  • Macro-porosity creates conditions essential for the effective new bone formation;
  • Good adhesion ensures simple and comfortable use of the material.

All these unique APAGRAFT characteristics in combination with our special method of hydrothermal treatment allow increasing nearly threefold the speed of resorption and accordingly the speed of new bone formation.

APAGRAFT consisting of 60% of hydroxyapatite and 40% of β tricalcuium phosphate is replaced completely with own bone tissue within 3-4 months.

APAGRAFTcan be manufactured:

  • as granules of any fractions from tenths microns to millimeters;
  • as blocks of various geometric shapes of any dimensions;

Thanks to its structure and features can be treated using any mechanical methods (cutting, drilling, milling and etc.)

APAGRAFT can be used without membranes.