The set of universal implants NHI-1 is designed, manufactured and assembled to ensure a successful implantation and, based on the integrated implants, to form safe dental-orthopedic structures, taking into account a wide variety of f bone, including anatomic and topographic features of the patients’ upper and lower jaws.

The implants NHI-1 are characterized by their low-grade conical design and self-cutting thread with groove.

The implants NHI-1 are also distinguished through three types of thread and knife-edges distributed along the implant length. Due to the elaboration and implementation of such structure, the following issues were handled:

  • less traumatic penetration and smooth osseointegration of the implant;
  • expansion of the implant’s direct  contact area with the bone;
  • increased density and stability of the connection between bone and implant;
  • dispersal and more uniform distribution of occlusal pressure on the bone.

Undoubtedly, all these factors contribute to successful osseointegration and safe functioning of the dental and orthopedic structures based on the integrated implants.

The technique of implant insertion shall comprise a sequence of the following operations:

  • preliminary drilling of the bone with a thin pilot-drill. This process operation shall be performed either  by using  special  conical  drills or a set of cylindrical drills with expanding diameter and decreasing canal  size, subject to the immersion of drill;
  • insertion of implant into the prepared bone bed. This process operation shall be performed by means of applying a reusable detachable implant-driver.
Product specification