The set of conical implants NHI-2 is designed, manufactured and assembled for implantation into the soft, spongy bone of the upper jaw, refined parts of the lower jaw and narrow places between the roots of contiguous teeth.

The implants NHI-2 are designed to provide a better coherence with commonly spread anatomical features and topographic characteristics of the upper jaw.

The implants NHI-2 are distinguished through their pronounced conicity, self-cutting aggressive thread and sharp bayonet apex. Such structure contributes to lateral condensation of the bone and uniform load distribution in the densification of bone trabeculae. Thus successful osseointegration is provided and favorable conditions are created for the formation of reliable orthopedic structures on the spongy bone.

The inserting technique of NHI-2 implants shall comprise a preliminary preparation of the bone bed, followed by the process of implants screwing through the usage of proper thread and bayonet apex thereof.

The bone bed shall be formed with drills of minor diameters. Drill diameters shall be selected, taking into account the bone density and the possibility of providing a reliable lateral bone condensation.


Product specification