The set of self-cutting cylindrical implants NHI-3 are designed to form reliable implant-orthopedic structures on solid and hollow bones of the lower jaw and under sinus-lift conditions of the upper jaw.

The set of implants NHI-3 has the following features:

  • medium-sized, low-grade atraumatic thread in lower 2/3
  • parts of the implant’s body for smooth penetration and good connection between the implant and the bone;
  • spherical form of apical part, which contributes to uniform distribution of load on the bone’s bed bottom and on the osseous chips, as well as creates favorable conditions for implants’ ossification;
  • three special sockets distributed along the apical part with sharp knife-edges assigned to collect bone chips; cervical part executed as micro-thread with low-grade conicity.

Such structure prevents the resorption of the bone’s marginal part and provides a better bilateral biomechanical connection in the implant’s upper part.

Thus, the totality of structural features intrinsic to the set of implants NHI-3 creates favorable conditions for successful osseointegration, as well as for the formation of safe orthopedic structures on solid and hollow bones of the lower jaw and sinus-lifts on the upper jaw.

The technique of inserting implants NHI-3 shall comprise a preliminary creation of the bone bed by using cylindrical drills with a diameter close to the implant diameter.


Product specification