Duplicate of CALCEDENT Enamel

Duplicate of CALCEDENT Enamel


Calcedent Enamel formula created for caries prevention and enamel remineralization. Based on fluoride formula gives such features, as:

  • Reliable caries prophylaxis
  • Depot-effect
  • Long-term remineralization even with limited access
  • Repairing early white spot lesions found on the tooth surface that may develop into cavities


1st application solution: magnesia-fluoro-silicate, copper-II-fluoro-silicate, sodium fluoride (as stabilizer), distilled water.
2nd application solution: calciumhydroxide – highly dispersed, methylcellulose, distilled water.

Available in two sizes:

  • 20ml liquid, 20 ml suspension
  • 5 ml liquid, 5 ml suspension
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