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Nanoplant Höchst Systems

Today we all are witnesses of revolutionary changes in modern dental medicine.

New technologies keep bursting into all areas of dentistry changing our perceptions of comfort and safety. Earlier affordable to a limited number of people, dental implantation now has been experiencing a vigorous development. Orthopedic constructions supported by implants have become most popular and progressive treatment of partial and complete adentia.

Established in 2009 as a dental implant system manufacturer, Nanoplant Höchst was one of the first companies that applied successfully nanotechnology in health engineering. The Nanoplant Höchst system offers a wide range of implants, abutments and tools taking into account anatomic and aesthetic requirements.

High level of quality
Modern technologies
Affordable prices
Certified products

Our own production is a guarantee of product quality. All the production stages, beginning from implant metal base working to packing of finished products, are carried out at our factory under control of our specialists. Our independence, industrial and production strategies, experience and knowledge allow our company to implement ambitious projects. We invest in research and development projects to realize innovations we believe in. Today besides the dental implant system the Company manufactures dental products for hygiene care, prevention, treatment and prosthetic care.

The dental implant system Nanoplant Höchst is a result of a fruitful collaboration between talented German scientists and doctors. All its components are developed on the basis of latest technologies taking into account accumulated experience from long-standing practice of dental implantation.

Having at our disposal front-rank laboratory equipment, leading nanotechnologies, as well as highly skilled scientists we are proud to carry out our mission striving to provide qualitative and affordable products to all doctors and patients.


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